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If your roof is an integral part of your building walking decks, then you need a walkable roof membrane. The only walkable membrane that comes to mind in for most property owner in Wayne PA and North America at large is Dec-Tec.

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What is Dec-Tec?

Dec-Tec is a waterproof roofing material used for outdoor surfaces such as decks, balconies, and other walkable surfaces of the living space underneath the roof. It limits slip and fall by giving friction to the outdoor surfac and makes the deck easy to clean and eliminate the possibilities of re-staining the surface.

It’s a modern alternative to traditional decking system that serves as a roof and a deck. It’s best for outdoor surfaces where people use as outdoor living space or an area of the house with high traffic.

Choosing a Certified Deck Membrane Installer in Wayne PA

Installing Dec-Tec for your decks, balconies, and other outdoor surfaces is not a DIY thing, because you really need an experienced contractor who has the tools and understands the installation process. Hence, if you’ve considered to install deck membrane or replace the existing one in Wayne PA, then hire Windows, Siding, and Roofing in Wayne to successfully and efficiently complete this task for you.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Windows, Siding, and Roofing in Wayne to install or replace your outdoor surface deck membrane would offer you the following advantages and benefits:

  • #1. Professional Installation
    Dec-Tec installation and replacement look and feels better when done by a professional who has experience in installing it. Our team of Dec-Tec installers has years of experience installing outdoor deck membrane in Wayne.
  • #2. Affordable pricing
    Even as we strive to offer you superior Dec-Tec installation and replacement services in order to meet and exceed your expectation, we also make efforts to work with your budget.

Contact us to handle your Dec-Tec installation or replacement, and we guarantee to deliver your Dec-Tec project with overwhelming excellence.

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